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LynxCat (LYNX)

The First Cat NFT Platform

LynxCat, started as a Meme — Expanded into a NFT Cat Collection & Marketplace for All Cats Species.

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    Mint Your Own Cat

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    Create, Buy & Sell your Cat Creation

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    Stake your NFT and earn APY

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About LynxCat

LynxCat (LYNX) is a decentralized NFT platform where people can create, buy and sell fully customizable cats. The LynxCat ecosystem allows users to build their own cat with no technical knowledge in blockchain or programming — all of the elements are put together through a friendly user interface. Cats are made from genome (their genetic code), giving every cat its own traits; to physical details about the cat — fur patterns, eye colors — it also includes accessories such as hats, glasses, clothes and even accessories that do things like make your cat taller or add wings! These details are purchased using our LynxCat Token (LYNX). These details in turn make your Cat unique either as yourself or as a piece of art to be sold.

Create & Mint Your Own Cat

Start your Cat journey now and have your Cat built, customized, tailored & minted by yourself. Collect cats, check out our accessories, get kitty parts and give it a cool makeover!

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Build Your Cat

Get your Cat by purchasing our Cat Capsule, each Cat has it’s own rarity & uniqueness. Each Cat represent different breeds. Cat Breed is an NFT.

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Customize your Cat by getting the Cat Parts (Eyes, Mouth, Hair) from our Parts Capsule, each capsule contains parts has it’s own rarity. Create an Angry, Sad, Cute, Cool Cats! Cat Part is an NFT.

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Tailor your Cat by getting the Cat Accesories (Hat, Glasses, Clothes, Necklace & Special Item) from our Fashion Capsule, each accessories has it’s own rarity. Cat Accessory is an NFT.

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Mint Your Cat!

Mint your customized Cat into a single unique NFT! And add a name for it!

How to Create & Customize a Cat

Follow these simple steps to get started

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Connect Your Wallet

Use your wallet of preference like MetaMask or Trust Wallet to connect to the App

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Purchase Capsules

Start by purchasing our Capsule Collection (You must own at least one Cat Breed before purchasing other Capsules). Each Capsules contains NFT which the result can also be traded in the Marketplace.

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Customize & Mint

Customize your Cats by using our Cat NFT Designer, change it eyes, mouth, expression, add unique fashion to your Cat! Mint your customized Cat into a single unique NFT! And add a name for it!

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Earn & Stake

Your NFT can be listed & traded into our NFT Marketplace or Staked into our LYNX Stake to earn unique APY

Earn & Trade by Designing Cats!

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The LYNX Token

Token economy is built around the LYNX Token, a unit of value on the platform that enables token holders to use applications on this platform, participate in network governance, and earn additional token rewards by using this project.

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The Cat NFT Designer & Marketplace on BSC

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